COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Storage and Transportation Direct to Patients

Healthcare systems will soon have COVID19 vaccine doses that require ultra low temperature (ULT) storage to mitigate damage, spoilage or loss: -70ºC or -20ºC. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Operation Warp Speed aims to have 300 million vaccine doses by January 2021.

  • Is your health systems ready?
  • Do you have the necessary infrastructure?
  • Can current ULT’s handle the temperature variability (-70ºC or -20ºC)?
  • Have you planned for the wide range of temperature storage requirements?

See the article below for a detailed explanation of the logistics challenges that healthcare systems will face:

Our Select Gases & Stirling ULT “Hub and Spoke System”

Uniquely suited to handle the COVID-19 vaccine for bulk dose storage and maintain cold chain integrity transporting doses closer to your patients.

  • Stirling ULT’s are the only freezers with temperature adjustable set-points between -20ºC and -86ºC.
  • Stirling Upright ULT’s store and maintain up to 48,000 temperature sensitive 2 ml doses at your storage site.
  • Stirling’s Portable/Deploy-able Model stores up to 1,800 2 ml doses and maintains temperature vaccines during transport and at satellite locations.

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Stirling Ultra Cold Freezers

  • Best for sustainability – industry’s lowest energy consumption:9kWh/ day@-86ºC
  • Largest storage capacity per square foot of floor space
  • Longest operating life: over 12 years
  • Lowest service, parts, and overall repair costs
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Less than 50% heat rejection compared to cascade-compressor ULT freezers
  • Plug into any outlets including 100V and 240V (110V to 240V). In addition the portable ULT provides vehicle based 12 DC power.

No Compressor Ultra Cold Freezer

Compressor failure is the most common issue for ULT freezers. Typically ULT compressors last three to five years. Knowing that ULT compressors are unreliable, customers actually plan for failures. Any ULT failure can destroy a COVID19 vaccine and/or threaten the safety of your priceless samples/research work.

The compressor itself may cost a few hundred dollars in replacement parts, the labor involved can be several thousand dollars. Add these replacement costs and expenses associated with ULT downtime (including moving the samples in the failing ULT to another ULT for temporary storage and removing the ULT off-site for repair), and disruption from failed compressors can be significant.

Compressor-based units also require preventive maintenance yearly to keep them running at peak efficiency. In contrast, Stirling engine-powered units have no oil in their systems and require minimal preventive maintenance, including keeping the air intake clear and gaskets free of ice. Less maintenance reduces labor and maintenance costs, but more importantly, lowers the likelihood of a ULT failure, which will put your vaccines and samples at risk.

The Stirling engine-powered ULT’s are designed to last the life of the freezer. This technology has been proven — with over 250 million collective hours of runtime operation in Stirling’s installed base and the use of this design in other applications, such as the RHESSI satellite, which was in orbit for more than 16 years.

By replacing compressors with the Stirling engine, Global Cooling has significantly reduced the risk of vaccines and sample damage, spoilage or loss.

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