Cryogenic Services starts with design. Select Gases has experience to design your freezer space along with VJ pipe and bulk supply options. Our involvement from start to finish of any size project is unmatched. After the freezer room is done we offer freezer sales and validation services. With increasing regulation in biological storage, it is important that each freezer is validated and they have continued support and monitoring. Select Gases has programs to support Chart Biomedical freezers and Cryo-Shippers throughout their life. Our programs include preventative maintenance as well as NER (Natural Evaporation Rate) testing to insure your material is stored in the most stable cryogenic environment.

  • Ln2 freezer sales
  • Ln2 Freezer Support Agreements
  • Ln2 Shipper NER Testing
  • Long term disaster plans
  • Outside Biobanking Services
  • IQ/OQ/PQ validation packages available on new freezers.