Specialty gases is at the core of our business. Select Gases has unmatched experience in Metro Atlanta in specialty gas applications. We can help with gas applications for all types of lab equipment from ICP/MS, LCMS, GCMS to Incubators, Cryogenic equipment and many other scientific instruments.

 Laboratory and specialty gases we can provide:

  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Liquid Argon
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium UHP
  • Nitrogen UHP
  • Argon UHP
  • Neon
  • EPA Protocols
  • Pure Hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbon Blends
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Standards
  • Refrigerants
  • Electronic-Grade Gases
  • Halocarbons
  • Laser Mixes
  • High-Tolerance Specialty Gas Mixtures